Top 5 ideas for wall decoration

Top 5 ideas for wall decoration

Looking for the best wall decoration ideas to refresh your corner? Then you are at the right place here I am going to tell you the five best wall decorations that will help you in making choice.
As those walls are filled with possibilities and by making a few additions you can make a house that will feel like home.
These wall decorations will bring life to your walls. You will love a wall that is full of staghorn ferns. Here we are going to share some great ideas that will be helpful for you and will bring life to your walls.
We have rounded up the best DIY wall art that anyone can master their wall easily. No matter what your style is we have got the tricks that can amp your walls and can bring your personality and taste in it. Whether you are an art collector, a book lover, or a nature enthusiast, your walls can be easily customised easily and so that you can be surrounded by the things you love and adore.
Discover five best ideas of the wall decor that are sure to add style to your home

1. DECO 79 WOOD SHELVES “36 by 9”

If you have run out of floor space for bookshelves, you can take your collection to the wall wooden shelves. You can install floating shelves and can display the small sculpture, hardcover, and other odds and ends that will add life to your wall.
A wooden material shelf is truly a rustic lover’s dream for adding architectural detail to any living space. The vintage style rectangular white distress wooden wall décor will give a new life to your living space.
You can add a perfect decorative accent to your home or office by using this white simple bookshelf. This is a featuring of a beautiful white swirl design and plenty of shabby chic flair.

This bracket shelf is the perfect place to display a shelf or other decorative accent.
The item weight is approximate 8.36 pounds which dimension is equal to 39 inches by length, 9 inches by width, and 6 inches by height.
This shelf is made of Chinese FIR wood which sits flat on the surface. You could always put some shelf pads on the front edges as well to finish its full output look.
The pieces themselves have a lot of potentials to be a nice standout shelf, but it contains several pieces to be attached with it by which some of the buyers find it a way more difficult to fix it properly. The inside of the shelf is hallowing so, you can fix it and put it on something you want to hide on the wall.
The color of the shelf is a cream wash which can be considered as almost white. And t is absolutely lovely and can go with the various wall themes.


  • Authentic look
  • architecture Salvage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdiness
  • Easy to install
  • Gorgeous
  •  Craftsmanship.


  • Too heavy to put with attached hooks.
  • The depth of the shelf is pretty small.
  • Delivered in million pieces.

The conclusion we reached after the details is that it is the best product to buy for anyone who wants to décor the wall. The wooden texture will totally worth the look of the wall and it is pretty much elegant and aesthetic for the people who love art. Although it is pretty much heavy so you will have to drill the holes for putting it up on the wall with the 40-60lbs screws.

2. Macramé Wall Hanging Boho Wedding Hanger Cotton Handmade Wall Art Home Wall Decoration, 37"x 35":

Those 70’s macramé wall hangings have a great comeback in a big way in the trends of wall decor. The waving in the wall hangings adds texture and also warm up the walls.
This fibre-branded wall hanging will give your wall a vintage theme. This has the macramé distance between each one can be easily adjusted. It is a unique design after hours of knotting by using materials that give a minimalist feel. It will create a relaxed feel in your room.

The dimension of this pretty well designed has a dimension of the display is 12 inches in length, 10 inches in height, and 0.9 inches in height. The mounting type of this wall hanging is a wall-mount and is square in shape.
This macramé wall hanging having the features of a beautiful modern circle design and is definitely a showstopper. It can easily transform any room into a modern yet ethereal sanctuary. You will definitely adore the minimalistic texture of this beauty which is striking and inspiring the piece of any wall.
You have to use the hook or nails to install it on the wall. It is easily wrapped in the long loose ends around a nail or hook and then you can tie it up. In that way, it hangs the stable and secured and you will have the lovely floating look.


  • Quality of the 
  • Craftsmanship
  • Sturdiness
  • Value for money
  • Giftable
  • Durability.


  • Not waterproof
  • Not include extended pieces
  • Doesn’t come with the wood-hung piece.

If you are looking for a vintage-themed décor of the wall then this will definitely be your best purchase. The bright green leafy plants are just the best that add the best look to your living space, your café, or any other place. And it is best to be given as a gift. The only part is that it is not weatherproof so you cannot hang this outside.

3. DUQGUHO 48 Pcs Butterfly Wall Decor Stickers Girls Kids Bedroom 3D Art Mural Decoration for Home Living Room Party Nursery Classroom Offices Decor

Let your walls transport to another place just by adding a mural or stickers on the wall of any place you like. Whether it can be hand-painted or you can choose a wall covering. The motif on the wall will bring a big impact and will change the whole theme of the room.
This paper piece material made up of high quality. this has a double-sided metal texture. It is a sticker-based wall decoration that is specially treated, lightweight, and environment friendly.

It can be attached to any smooth wall. Unlike the other butterfly stickers, he has the more sticky glue and sticks to the wall more firmly for a long time without even falling once.
It consists of various colors each color style has 3 sizes which are 316pcs, 416pcs, and 5*16pcs.These butterfly stickers are easy to clean, can be reused, dirt-resistant and durable. Now while using the stickers, put the glue in the middle of the sticker and then directly pastes it on the wall wherever you want to paste.
These stickers are perfect for the kid’s room wall, party room, nursery wall, and many other walls. This came in a perfectly packed gift box so it can be gift-able as well.
This sticker set includes Mirror butterflies and the butterflies vine wall sticker. These high-quality self-adhesive stickers are quick to apply and can easily be removed.


  • Reusable.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Can be removed easily.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Durable.Durable.


  • Might get the paint off the wall.
  • Contain toxic plastics.

These wall stickers are the best ones for the wall decoration especially for the kid’s bedroom, baby nursery, or even for a party event. If you have love butterflies then these stickers are the bests to decorate your room and you can reuse them anywhere at any time.

4. Nathan James Theo 2-Shelf Industrial Wall Mount Ladder Small Computer or Writing Desk, White/Gold Brass

If you have run out of floor space to place your books then by taking your collection to the wall you can place your books there. You can install floating shelves and display the hardcovers, photo frames, small sculptures, and many other odds and ends on it.
Nathan James is the furniture company that is built for this generation. You do not need to spend a fortune to get high-quality design-first furniture and when these are easy assembled you can get your results.

Use this stylish and functional Theo ladder desk which can be used as a computer or laptop desk or even you can pair it with the Theo bookshelves to increase the storage area. This item dimension is 20inches by length, 30 inches by width, and 73 inches by height which is perfect for our computer laptop or any other item.
It has a sleek and space-saving style that you can use in your office or in your bedroom. This Theo desk which has a sturdy material of metal, wall-mounted frame can easily be assembled within 30 minutes.
You can have a lifetime manufacturer warranty by having on a trial basis for 90 days of the return policy.


  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Easy to assemble the various parts.
  • Sturdiness.
  • Tread lightly
  • on the surfaces.


  • Take 30 minutes to assemble.

If you are looking for a small working area or a book shelve then this is one of the best things you can use for your wall décor. It contains two shelves which will give you enough storage space for putting up your things. It is an easy and chic wall decoration.

5. Rustic Wall Sconces Mason Jar Sconces Handmade Wall Art Hanging Design with Remote Control LED Fairy Lights and White Peony, Farmhouse Kitchen Decorations Wall Home Decor Living Room Lights Set of Two

Why put the jars on the table when you can hang them on the wall to make your wall artistic and desirable. If you are the one person who loves to make things reusable then this is the best idea to decorate your wall.
This rustic wall Mason Jar Scones are handmade wall art hangings that include the design of the remote control LED fairy lights which make it look more beautiful and totally give pleasant and relaxing vibes to your living room, bedroom, kids room, coffee room, or at any other space where you want to be cozy and needs to relax.

These pony and brown boards made up of wood material will definitely give the antique style to your room. You can enjoy the soothing light of the fairy lights that are attached to these jars and the eucalypt leaves are just simple and stylish which is European in flavor.
These Mason jars include six-hour timing and also include remote control function digital LED lights.
These lights will automatically turn on and off every day which will save your time and effort every day. It includes eight different lighting modes and it will always include a mood that will suit your mood.
This jar is a decorative swag hanging a Mason jar scone at home, bedroom, and hallway or even in the kitchen or n the bedroom wall. And can be gifted as a nice housewarming gift, to the café or at any other place.


  • Best timer function.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Remote control function.
  • Come in a pre-assembled form.
  • Light brightness is cozy and warm.
  • Flowers are replaceable.


  • The wood material is cheap.
  • The batteries are not long-lasting.

These jars are perfect for anyone who loves to put the cozy and soft lights by adding some more decoration to the walls. The flowers are replaceable so you can replace them with your style flowers.It contains a remote control for the fairy lights which will save your effort and time. Just you have to put nice batteries so that it doesn’t run out before time.

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