How to Light A Bathroom | A Detailed Guide

How to Light A Bathroom | A Detailed Guide

The bathroom is a sanctuary and let no one inform you otherwise. It’s the one place you can select to be alone every time you need. So be sure that it’s a nice place to be in.

One of the first things that dictate the mood of your bathroom is its lighting. If you know how to light a bathroom correctly, you’ll have artistic controls over it. You can also make your bathroom cool-toned or warm-toned to suit your mood.

The design of the light fixture is also an important choice. So, let’s dive into all the details and see all of the methods in which you can install the correct lights in your bathroom so that it has an uplifting effect on you.

How To Light A Bathroom?

Let’s discuss the different ways you’ll be able to light your bathroom.

Install Light in Layers

Layering isn’t only cool when it comes to clothes; it’s cool in terms of lights as well. Installing one single light bulb to illuminate the whole bathroom is a thing of the previous, and to be honest, it seemed fairly dull too.

One method to instantly give the bathroom a more cheerful look is to add lights to it in layers. There are three layers that we’re primarily going to talk about.

  • Task lighting

That is the sunshine within the vainness space. In different phrases, it’s the sunshine that you simply placed on the lavatory sink space so as to see your self finest within the toilet.

Now let’s admit it – a rest room mirror is a spot the place lots of essential issues happen- you give your self pep talks, face your worries, return to all of your misplaced conversations, and make your self win.

It’s an instant boost of energy, and it’s most usually the first place where we find ourselves after and before going to bed.

So, having a great process light is instrumental.

Try adding two lights, each in the outer 1/4ths of the mirror. The lights should be at eye level so that they don’t cast shadows on the face. With a shadow root task light, your face will be illuminated in the best way for shaving, makeup, and so on.

  • Accent Lighting

That is to beautify the bathroom. If you have added decorations to the bathroom, then you can place accent lights over them to make it pop a bit more.

Accent lights are used to accentuate parts of the bathroom where you want to direct attention. So if you have plants in the bathroom or {a magazine} rack, then you can place lights over there to bring these parts up. This will also add depth to space and make your time in it a more relaxing one.

  • General Lighting

That is the kind of lighting that can plainly illuminate the whole bathroom. It’ll serve as the first source of illumination of the entire space, while task and accent lighting will bring up the ambiance inside.

Now, the fun half is you can make this as decorative as you need. You can go with multiple recessed ceiling lights to do this, or mimic the look of candlesticks on the wall by using sconces of fancy design, and so on.

General Lighting

Choose the Correct Color Temperature

Color temperature is important because it affects the subconscious receptors of our minds. It’s the tone of the light. To elaborate, there can be a blue hue to the sunshine after which will be an orange hue too. In fact, these won’t be bright orange or blue, but only a slight tint behind the whiteness of the light.

You have to discover light bulbs with just the best color temperature, or it’ll make you uncomfortably boring or uncomfortably hot. 

The best vary, in terms of color temperature, is lights which are 2700 to 3000 kelvin on the color scale. At this range, you will have a heat incandescent light that will be the most flattering to your features and probably the most calming on your nerves.

Pay Attention to the Color Rating Index

Generally known as CRI, it is a measure of the variety of different colors that the lights in the bathroom can illuminate correctly. If the CRI of your bulbs is low, then colors won’t look correct. This can create a dull impact on your mood and also make your facial features less flattering.

So, it’s important that you test the CRI of the light bulb before you purchase it. The secure way to go is to get lights that have a minimum CRI of 80. But you can also go with bulbs that have a higher CRI than this. The more CRI a bulb has, the more accurately it will be able to reveal colors to your eye.

Get Lights That Are Certified

If you are not keen on losing money on fancy light bulbs that exit in a few months, then you have to lay an eye on the certification that the light bulbs have. The most common and reliable certification is a rating by Energy Star.

An Energy Star rating means that your light bulbs were tested and have proved to be effective and efficient for long term use.


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Tips to Keep in Mind When Lighting a Bathroom

Here are some ideas you can follow when lighting a bathroom.

  • Don’t use a single gentle source

No matter how small the bathroom vanity mirror is, never use a single light supply to illuminate it. No vanity light is best than a singular light. A single light bulb on the mirror will cast shadows on your face and make you older.  And it might also impact the appears of the bathroom faucets.

  • Use lighting bathtubs

If you wish to add an easy trace of fancy elegance in your bathroom without spending too much, then lighting bathtubs is the best way to do it. Another nice option is getting a bathroom exhaust fan with light.

  • Add toe kick lights

They’re easy on the eyes because they supply a very soothing illumination from behind cabinets. They’ll help you see without waking you up from sleep when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 


Now, that’s all you have to know about bathroom lighting. We’ve included all the major pointers necessary and tried not to over-complicate this task for you. We hope you now have a clear idea about tips on how to light a bathroom in the best method so that both you and your bathroom look good.

Remember, decorating is step one, whereas proper upkeep and hygiene are the main indications of the quality of your lifestyle. So, be sure to take care of your bathroom and keep everything clean. Good luck!

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